Dusk - Physical Map Pack
Dusk - Physical Map Pack
Dusk - Physical Map Pack
Dusk - Physical Map Pack
Dusk - Physical Map Pack

Dusk - Physical Map Pack

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Unlock the ultimate fantasy tabletop gaming experience with the ATLAS 'Dusk' map pack!

This revolutionary pack of battle maps comes with 50 ready-made maps for endless nights of gaming! Each highly detailed map folds out to a huge 25x25 inches, and features a dry-wipe finish, and 1-inch grid! 

From the award-winning Kickstarter, this is all you need for the perfect game night! Get lost in the adventure!

Pick up 'Twilight' as well, and get a FREE set of Midnight dice!

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Customer Reviews

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Vaughn Romero
High quality maps and case

I'm so happy that I backed the Kickstarter for the Atlas Dusk and Twilight maps. Each folded map is double sided showing two versions of the same map. The map paper is sturdy and high quality and comes with a tab with three-ring binder holes for easy storage. The accompanying storage binder is sturdy and well-designed. The Twilight maps are all 18 x 22 inches. In total you have 50 maps.

Thank you so much for the detailed review, especially with the photos!

Talman Suslov
Amazing and easy to use

The maps comes in 2 variations each. They can be easily used and worked plot around. Like a ruins that become evil at night and change. The maps are easy to use and are well done. The art work is well done and grids does not obscure map details. They are quite big and allow for tactical combat. With addition of a stickers there is almost infinite amount of scenarios that can be done with this maps. The only thing I personally would critique is absence of desserts, snow, and swamp locations. Still 5/5 and amazing product to create immersive experiences without spending 1000s of $ on building a single map. It’s also super easy to store. Overall one of the best products I have ever found for DnD and definitely worth its price.

Thank you for the kind words! With so many maps it was hard to choose what to put in vol.1, but I'm working on vol.2 and other versions, so expect to see snow and desert themes :)

Miles Bergeson
Great maps!

I’ve been enjoying using these maps at my table, it’s so nice to have a wide range of maps so that I can pull one out almost every time one is needed. Honestly, I’m still getting use to having so many maps all of the sudden! They look great, feel great, I love that they’re organized in a binder for storage and quick reference - all in all a great product!

So glad you're enjoying what I've made, thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review!

A great resource

This map book is a great resource. The variety of maps is very helpful in creating unique situations and the art work is beautiful, immersing players and giving them ideas for using their surroundings in game.

That's what I made it for :)
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review!

So so beautiful

Oh my god. These maps are absolutely stunning. I am so glad I bought them! I backed the kickstarter ages ago and saw them in person at games expo Birmingham last summer and was so impressed with the quality of the products.

Thank you for the kind words! There's more to come!

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