Monster Tokens (set 1)
Monster Tokens (set 1)
Monster Tokens (set 1)

Monster Tokens (set 1)

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Give your players something to fear!

With our 5e Monster Tokens you get over 200 punchboard tokens of various 5e monsters from the DnD Monster Manual! Each creature is beautifully illustrated on punchboards  that are oh-so-satisfying to pop!

A selection of 5e monsters ranging from CR 1/8 all the way to CR 16, Tiny Sprites to the Gargantuan Purple Worm!

Double the mayhem with set 2!

Now all you need are snacks!

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Customer Reviews

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Miles Bergeson
Great with minor complaint

The smallest tokens are more difficult tell what’s what, especially on the dark background. Luckily everything is labeled on the backside, but it still makes the smallest ones less usable in my opinion. Any token bigger than the small round ones are amazing, though, and I’m happy to have a wider variety of monsters to chose from when a fight breaks out!

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Understood with the 1-inch tokens, as a lot of enemies are 1-inch scale we had to include them, of course, but it is a small scale :)
Glad you're loving the tokens!

Dolev Shaoul
Friend to DMs

A useful collection of enemies in a bunch of sizes. Really useful for representing less important enemies when supplemented by miniatures.

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Did not have any tokens previously so this is an awesome addition to my game and they sit on the physical maps well.

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