Deep Cave

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Welcome to the Deep Cave!

An ancient cave, long the subject of horrific rumors. Or a bandits camping ground. The choice is yours.

10 custom maps including - cave, camp, blood, fire, ice, haunted, mushrooms, lake, magic and spiders!

18x22 - gridded & gridless

"Spiders – I hate spiders."

You see the webbing in your peripherals start to vibrate. You are alone in here while your group waits for you outside the deep cave. You hear scurrying as you rush quickly through the tunnels. You have no idea if the tunnel leads to another exit, or where the entrance even was to begin with.

"I'm lost!" you cry out as you feel your way through the dim caves, lit by your belt lantern, which is low on oil. All of a sudden, you feel weightless as the ground swallows you up in the darkness. You fall for a couple seconds until you hit an underground lake. There is a beam of light from an opening up above, illuminating a shore not far from where you paddle.

You hear the scurrying again from the hole you fell from. You wait a moment to get your bearings and catch your breath when suddenly you hear a splash next to you! You look up to see dark shapes leaping from the hole in pursuit!


Includes Foundry VTT which comes with dynamic lighting, detailed walls, and ambient sounds, fully built in the Foundry VTT platform! 


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