Dive Bar

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Greetings world builders!

Welcome to the Dive Bar!

Relaxing with a drink after a long week, or biding time until the next job comes along? The choice is yours.

6 custom maps including - day, night, rain, as well as with cars version of all! As well as a FoundryVTT-ready pack with pre-built walls, dynamic lighting, and ambient sounds! And now, sets come with Moulinette integration

25 x 25 - gridded and gridless

"It was a grey, rainy day in the City of Angels. But the only angel I've ever known – that forced my whole world to make a tiny bit of sense – was taken from this life by a stray bullet from a pair of rival nanobuzz dealers."

"So now I sit in this City, in a sleazy bar, my body crammed onto the bench of a 3D printed plastic restaurant table booth, waiting. The next job will hit my visor soon, and I'll get up, and go set something right that's gone wrong. 'Cuz me and the City, we're gonna have words someday, and I'll make damn sure it hears me."

Map packs also available on Roll20 https://marketplace.roll20.net/browse/publisher/1613/moonlight-maps

How will your world evolve?


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