Living Quarters

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Welcome to the Living Quarters!

Hallways and individual rooms, perhaps in a castle or large plaza structure. Its surprising how much like a dungeon these halls can look...
10 custom maps including - Empty, flood, fire, haunted, lit, unlit, and several variants!

18x22 - gridded and gridless

"You can barely see through the thick, black smoke as it pummels you in the face. The heat is unbearable, but you can hear the crying very close by. You went back into the quarters to help those trapped, risking your own life, and possibly those of your companions. You made a choice. But now which way do you turn? Time is running out. You see weakened walls, toppled shelves, shut doors, you can't figure out which way the voice is coming from. All of a sudden, the heat sensation stops. You can't see. It's quiet. You slowly regain your vision by opening your eyes, and you see your companions gathered round you. They are all safe, and so is the girl. They saved you!"

Includes Foundry VTT which comes with dynamic lighting, detailed walls, and ambient sounds, fully built in the Foundry VTT platform! 

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