Magic Shop

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Welcome to the Magic Shop!

6 custom maps over town streets and countryside. The home of a mysterious mage stocking various wares to help your party (and inquisitive townsfolk) deal with those problems that just need some magic.

Give your party a shop to barter, RP, or be attacked in. Give your wonderfully wacky magic traders a home to make their own.

15x14 - gridded & gridless

"Still air, speckled with glowing grains, swirls slightly as you step into the shop. A shadow in the distance moves, or does it? Another shape moves at the edge of your vision. 'You're looking for something...special, friend?' A figure leans into the light, an old man...but...young...strong, yet feeble. You rub your eyes."

Includes Foundry VTT which comes with dynamic lighting, detailed walls, and ambient sounds, fully built in the Foundry VTT platform! 


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