Mos Space Port

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Welcome to the Mos Space Port!

Needing to park up for a rest, or trying to decide which ship looks easiest to hijack? The choice is yours.

6 custom maps including - ship day, night, red alert, as well as empty versions of these! As well as a FoundryVTT-ready pack with pre-built walls, dynamic lighting, and ambient sounds.


18x22 - gridded & gridless

"If you want this repaired, it'll cost quite a bit, and won't be done until the end of the month. But if you're interested, there's a jawa businessman on the far side of town who needs... encouragement, to pay what he owes me. If you help me with him, I can make sure your ship is ready by the end of the week."


Includes Foundry VTT which comes with dynamic lighting, detailed walls, and ambient sounds, fully built in the Foundry VTT platform. 


How will your world evolve?

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