Shops & Taverns

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This incredible collection pack includes 46 shop & tavern maps to cater for your every need!

The FoundryVTT option includes all of the maps as well as the FoundryVTT 'Manifest URL' for dynamic ambient lighting, detailed walls, and atmospheric sounds for use within Foundry VTT!

46 maps included:

  • Country Tavern [25x25]  + multiple versions
  • City Tavern ground floor [18x22]  + multiple versions
  • City Tavern upper floor [18x22]  + multiple versions
  • General Store [15x14]  + multiple versions
  • Weapon Store / Blacksmith [15x14]  + multiple versions
  • Magic Shop [15x14]  + multiple versions
  • Town and Country versions of all shops
  • Multiple variants of all (Snow and regular versions of the Taverns +Mist version for the Country Tavern)
  • Night versions of all!

All maps come with gridded and gridless versions perfect for print & VTT use!

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