Upper Slums

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Greetings world builders!

Welcome to the Upper Slums!

Working in the city, or devising a plan to overthrow the corrupt government? The choice is yours.

6 custom maps including - city, apocalypse, rain, as well as night versions of all! As well as a FoundryVTT-ready pack with pre-built walls, dynamic lighting, and ambient sounds! And now, sets come with Moulinette integration

25 x 25 - gridded and gridless

The killer could've been anyone – the crowd parted around the body like a river around a stone. The victim's blood, forming a widening pool on the rain-slicked pavement, was hardly visible in the street's neon glow.⁠

Map packs also available on Roll20 https://marketplace.roll20.net/browse/publisher/1613/moonlight-maps

How will your world evolve?


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