Weapon Store / Blacksmith

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Welcome to the Weapon Store / Blacksmith!

A grass roots blacksmith crafting and trading various wares to help protect your party against the evils of the world (and shoe their horses).
Give your party a shop to barter, RP, or be attacked in, and give your powerful smiths a forge!
6 versions including - country and town settings, lit and unlit, and night versions of all!

15x14 - gridded & gridless

"The sound of hammer on steel is accompanied by the smell of the fire as you get closer to the smith. 'Yeh?' . The sweating tower of a man calls out from the forge. 'What can I do for yeh?' He releases the hammer from his huge hands and wipes his brow with his apron."

Includes Foundry VTT which comes with dynamic lighting, detailed walls, and ambient sounds, fully built in the Foundry VTT platform! 


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